Commercial and Industrial Garage Door

The Different Types of Commercial and Industrial Garage Door

Commercial Garage Door Repair Holyoke Ma

Commercial Garage Door Repair Holyoke Ma offers a wide variety of garage doors that can be installed in your facility, whatever your business may be it is best that you install a garage door that is high in quality. Garage door does not only make your facility aesthetically appealing to your client, but it will also secure and protect your important product and items inside your building. The commercial garage door is more durable and reliable than residential garage doors. Commercial garage doors are prone to more use and needed a stronger door for protection.


Commercial Garage Door Repair Holyoke Ma provides different types of the garage door that is perfect for your facility. Here are some of the types of commercial garage door:
• One piece garage door – one piece garage is a solid door that swings up and kicks out when opened and closed. This is one of the most common garage doors that are used before. If you are into the traditional look, you can use this type of garage door in your building.
• Sectional garage door – this type of garage door is designed with sections. Just like in residential use sectional garage door has become popular in commercial and industrial use. Usually, sectional garage door requires 14 feet for the door height, this is comprised of seven 24 inches high sections that make it better to use and maintain.
• Roll up garage door – is the type of door that is made with slated metal. It rolls up and stored in coil above the opening. Garage doors like is usually used for further security against entry and for weather protection of interior and exterior opening.
Commercial Garage Door Repair Holyoke Ma does not only provide installation of the garage door but, they also give maintenance service for long lasting use of the doors.

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